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The performance review problem

Unless your company has the tenacity and resources dedicated to build, run and maintain a unique and customized in-house performance review system, its most likely that you are running it on Excel. Truth be told, all of us love Microsoft Excel - it is heaven-sent! lt so happens that it magically fits all our business workflows. Unless you are properly equipped, it can also so happen that it morphs itself as the ‘hammer’ to fix all your ‘nailing’ problems.

Performance review systems

Having an in-house performance review system has its merits but it can soon go out of sync with the needs of the time. Review parameters and assessment techniques keep evolving that often force re-calibration of customized performance review systems. Tie this to multiple review cycles that need different parameters altogether and limited time to redesign everything in a few weeks, things get messy and out of control most of the time.

Contextual performance review

Customizable performance review systems are plenty and a worthy investment indeed. However it takes extra effort to understand overall employee performance with respect to their performance planning and coaching efforts. End result - many more wasted hours and incomplete or out-of-context performance reviews. Solution - choosing a unified platform for your performance management that streamlines all your performance management activities.

        Picking a performance review solution can be a daunting task considering the vast number of tools currently available that are good at one aspect of performance management but failing in others. The choice of tool could be driven by multiple factors, but it is always advisable to adopt a tool that best suits the needs of the company than settling for one with lots of features that would never get used.